Warning: This Product Contains Nicotine!
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Stan Peterman's Rock On!

Stan Peterman's Rock On!


Stan Peterman's Rock On! is a stimulant-free, non-caffeinated, all-natural supplement which aims to promote prostate and testosterone health. In addition to its effects in the bedroom, it can also be used as a pre-workout supplement on push day. Our product combines the nootropic mushrooms of SP Signature Blend with our Goat MaXX blend for a balanced, performance-enhancing mixture.


Goat MaXX A complete blend of Horny Goat Weed, American Ginseng, Long Jack Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, L-Arginine and Needle Root replaces multiple bottles of supplements.

SP Signature Blend Nootropic Mushrooms Stan Peterman's Rock On! aids men in achieving a state of relaxation. Mental health is essential to sexual performance, and the mushrooms included in this formula are known to enhance blood flow, relax the mind and boost circulation.

This is not an ED Product. This won't make you get an uncontrollable erection. This supplement is designed for Men to enhance performance and longevity in the bedroom and can be used in combination with other prescribed medications. Please use responsibly. A scientifically-proven blend of natural ingredients to help you maximize your performance in the bedroom and maintain a healthy sex life. Use as directed and always consult your doctor when taking any supplement.

 Recommend Dose:  2 capsules (1169mg).  5 dose per pack. 

No FDA evaluation has been carried out on this product and no medical assertions have been made. The statements above are based on customer testimonials. Should any adverse effects occur, seek medical advice immediately.

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