Warning: This Product Contains Nicotine!
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The Company Program

The Company would like to reward our customers for their loyal business.

Our Motto here at the Company is we work for you.

All Our Dealers Are registered on our Dealer Locator. If you Do Not see you business and you carry any of The Companies Products please email orders@TheCompanyMFG.Com and we would be more than happy to List your location. 

Our success depends on yours!  We are here to help with raising your profile on social media and in-store promos. 

If your having a grand opening or a special event we will provide giveaways and merchandise to support your events and broadcast them on our social media outlets. 

As part of The Company, we look out for our clients. Welcome to The Family and we look forward to building long-lasting relationships with you, The Client. 



Opening orders ship for free. Re orders are on a tiered system. We have International options and freight forwarding as well. For More info contact The Company. 


Discount Tiers

We look to reward our loyal clients. The more bottles you order, the higher the price breaks. We break our pricing down in total bottles ordered. The Company will establish a discount for The Client once The Client Reaches a Volume Order Reward. We will issue you your own Rewards Code when You Sign Up. When The Client reach a discount tier The Company will notify you. 


The Company hopes we can get the opportunity to help the Clients grow in business. 

The Company look's forward to meeting you and supporting you any way we can.