Warning: This Product Contains Nicotine!
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El Hombre HHC 2g D2 Disposable pen

El Hombre HHC 2g D2 Disposable pen

Specialty formulated HHC 2 Gram Uzo vape system  with Complex cannabinoid blends to enhance the user experience. Each formula is mixed with various levels of CBD, CBD, CBC and CBG as well as a hand build custom terpene blend. We offer a 2g Disposable Uzo vape pen that is a single use. 300mah rechargeable battery disposable vape pen. Quartz and Carminic hybrid element for the ultimate clean taste and flavor.  

HHC was first created in 1944 by the American chemist Roger Adams, when he added hydrogen molecules to Delta-9 THC. This process, known as hydrogenation, converts THC to hexahydrocannabinol (HHC).

Hydrogenation isn’t limited to cannabinoid production. A similar process is used to convert vegetable oil to margarine.

While Adams created HHC from conventional cannabis-derived THC, these days the cannabinoid is typically derived through a process that begins with hemp, the low-THC cannabis plant that was made federally legal by Congress in the 2018 farm bill. 

Vibe-  Body Uplift/ muscle Recovery/ stress reducer 
Focus- Clear mind/ PTSD
Boom- A strong shot out of a cannon stativa (coming Soon)

Balance- Mind Focus/ Body Calm/ anxiety
Boost- Energy/ Sex Drive
Shift- Appetize suppression/ total balance (coming soon) 

Relax- Slow the mind Down/ Sleep Enhancer
Chill- Slows down body and mind productivity/daily calm
Flex- Muscular recover and arthritis (coming Soon) 



**This Product Contains Less Than 0.3% THC Content**

***These Products are Federally Legal under the 2018 Farm Bill Act. Please check with local and state Jurisdictions ensure compliancy in your area.***


Uzo Do's and Don't

Do not leave unattended in an automobile.

Do not leave unattended in direct sunlight light

Store in a cool place when not using for extended periods of time, (below 80F degrees )

Do not leave in pockets, back packs, fanny packs, Shaw's or Man Bag's without replacing the bottom reusable rubber boot or in the resealable bag. 

For oral use only. (Don't Ask)

Do Not Boil Tank in Hot Water or Insert into a Microwave under any conditions. 

Use Responsibly.  


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