Warning: This Product Contains Nicotine!
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Del Ocho 2g D2 Disposable pen

Del Ocho 2g D2 Disposable pen

Specialty formulated Delta 8 Carts with Complex cannabinoid blends to enhance the user experience. Each formula is mixed with various levels of CBD, CBD, CBC and CBG as well as a hand build custom terpene blend. We offer a 2g Uzo Disposable Tank. 300mah battery that is rechargeable and sing use. please recycle battery after use. 

Vibe-  Body Uplift/ muscle Recovery/ stress reducer 
Focus- Clear mind/ PTSD
Boom- A strong shot out of a cannon stativa (coming Soon)

Balance- Mind Focus/ Body Calm/ anxiety
Boost- Energy/ Sex Drive
Shift- Appetize suppression/ total balance (coming soon) 

Relax- Slow the mind Down/ Sleep Enhancer
Chill- Slows down body and mind productivity/daily calm
Flex- Muscular recover and arthritis (coming Soon) 



**This Product Contains Less Than 0.3% THC Content**

***These Products are Federally Legal under the 2018 Farm Bill Act. Please check with local and state Jurisdictions ensure compliancy in your area.***




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