Warning: This Product Contains Nicotine!
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Del Ocho Test Results Delta 8 Products

Del Ocho is a true premium product. We believe in on the best and cleanest ingredient to go into our product to ensure proper state compliancy and the safety of our customers, If you are using Del Ocho Products you are truly using the best.  From our top quality manufacturing partners, to organic plant terpene's straight from the fame, along with our signature cannabinoid's profiles, Del Ocho is a true premium product. 

D2 2g Device Instructions 

Jack Herer 2g THC-A Disposables KCA Compliant 09/18/2023

Del Ocho Chill DEA compliant Delta 8 Test Results 08/23/23 

KCA Compliant Delta 8 Lab results Del Ocho COA 081623

T Free Delta 8 testing KCA Labs Del Ocho COA 08.02.23

Stan Magical Nootropic Mushroom Bar Psilocybin COA 06.27.23

Stan Magical Mushroom Bars Muscimol COA 06.27.23

Del Ocho COA 12.22.22 T-Free Organic Delta 8 Test Results 

Del Ocho COA 05.08.2023 T-Free Hemp Derived Delta 8 Lab Results

Del Ocho Delta 8 COA Results 07/12/2022 

Del Ocho COA 03.016.2022  T-Free Industrial Hemp D8 Report  

Del Ocho COA 05.06.2021 Delta 8 Base 79.9% CA Compliant 

Del Ocho Delta 8 COA Raw Report 83.3% D8 2nd pass 

Del Ocho 10/04/21 D-8 Batch Report final pass Report 94.73% pure D8 THC

HHC Oregon, California, Kentucky, Utah and Lousiana Full Panel State Compliancy Testing for Petroleum By Products Full Labs (10pgs) Certified THC Free 

Del Ocho HHC Potency Test and Compliancy 

Del Ocho CBN Tested T-Free COA 

Del Ocho CBC Tested T-Free COA

Del Ocho CBG Tested T-Free COA 

Del Ocho CBD Tested Full Spectrum T-Free 

Del Ocho Delta 8 COA Raw Report un proceeded 

Del Ocho Delta 8 COA Results 07/12/2022